Welcome to Jayandel

Our mission is pretty simple.

We’re here to share our tips and advice with others trying to get more out of life…

We do this by offering simple solutions for healthy living, finding time for fitness, efficient housecleaning & organization, easy & healthy meals, DIY & crafting, clever ways to make & save money, gardening and sharing what we discover with our amazing readers!

We choose to write about all these things because life is made up of so many things.

(Example: I (El), am not just a mom, I try to keep healthy, I clean (not as often as I should), I craft and have lots of interests}.


What You’ll Find Here!

We created this site as a means to collect and share ideas, tips, and inspiration for the things that make life worth living.

From craft ideas to easy fitness workouts to clever ways to save money, my mission is to make Jayandel a convenient place to find practical tips and tricks to help others get more out of life.

We like to keep things simple in life, which you’ll most likely see here on our blog. You’ll find lots of lists and visuals, all with the intent to make your life easier and run a little smoother.


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I look forward to having you join us on this journey!

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